Manual retune?

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I rely on broadcast tv for recording on my YouView box. Yes I can watch live tv over my broadband connection but can’t record from it (or can I?). Trouble is Bilsdale transmitter is down. Much has been said on other forums about lack of manual turning on the box. Is there any way that I can fool the box to record from an alternative transmitter, I doubt I can get a signal from Emley Moor but I might be able to pick up the Scarborough relay here in the Vale of Pickering?


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    Your YouView box can only do an auto retune and will pick up channels from active transmitters it receives signals from. 
    These may not be very strong if you were getting no additional channels showing in the high number channels (think the 800's but may be 900's). Rather than retune have a look at the channels you may have there.

    If you do retune i 'd suggest yiu do a retune with the aerial removed to clear the box memory, and then tune again with the aerial plugged in.

    Once the transmitter is restored, do the same again.

    You can't record from catchup services such as iPlayer, but if you have subscription services from BT or TalkTalk you should be able to record these.

    If you have a smart TV or a Fire or Roku stick, there are also additional apps such as PlutoTV that may be available over the internet that have live TV and includes the Channel 5 line up.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi @Bakerman if you use an aerial direct to your  TV are you able to pick up any Freeview channels using manual or automatic tuning on your TV.  ?
    From what I can see the best two sources currently for progress on the recovery are

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