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Recently the amazon prime app keeps going off the box, this is a 2016 model, No updates available, this is not a connection problem, it also goes off on Now tv box but if I use my tv app on Samsung it works, but if you are watching a film you can not alter the picture to fit the screen with TV apps


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    Do you mean the app vanishes from the box, or just that the app stops working?

    I don't recall any reports of this here, though there may be some on the BT TV Community, which it might be worth you having a look at.

    But if you are losing it (in either way) from two devices, it does suggest an Amazon problem, even if it works on your Samsung TV, so have you contacted them and asked about it?
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    @superglo Is your problem that you have nothing on your screen from the Youview Amazon App or is it that the Amazon App picture appears to overfill the screen and therefore the picture you see appears to have bits  cut off ?

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    Wow! You people have an Amazon app?

    Retail Youview users have been cold shouldered by the big corporation. Funny as Amazon prime is available on so many platforms, but the lower tier retail users don't get a look in. Thanks for the consideration Amazon.

    Obviously there's different licensing agreements depending on whether you're TalkTalk, BT, or retail.Shame original advantages of Youview as a unified platform are diminished. It goes to show that BT's orginal offerings aren't strong enough if they have to divide up the platform like this.
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