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My dad has been using any you’view box for years to record freeview. Just recently his box stopped working due to hard drive failure. He wanted another bt box so got him one. All the menus are different, can see the settings (little cog in top right corner), it’s all tuned, can get guide, can record. However, can’t see where to pull up a list of what is recorded - myview. No where is it shown. Pressing the big blue youview button brings up a ribbon of apps and scrolling down you can see a ribbon of recent recordings, but this is cumbersome. Am I missing something? He has no internet. 


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    Greetings @sekrapa and welcome to the Community!

    Had your dad’s old box survived the hard disc problem, and had it been connected to the internet, it too would have got this new UI (User Interface, and not Uninvited Intrusion, as some think 😛)

    So it’s not that newer boxes are different, perhaps, just that there have been a few changes in the UI in the meantime.

    How many, and what, depends on when the old box was set up and left running without internet - there was a very big change from Lists to Icons in 2016, and there have been further tweaks still from time to time since, with Settings. etc. going from the Menu to the top of the screen, and in May the Menu going from being just a horizontal ribbon to the full screen display it is now.

    What you are missing with the new layout (and what lots and lots of people miss at first - you are very far from being alone here!) is that the left hand icon on the ribbon of recent recordings is clickable, and when you click it you get the old familiar Recordings and Scheduled screen you and he knew from before (assuming his old box’s software didn’t predate 2016).

    In effect, YouView have taken the the previous horizontal menu, and made it a vertical one, with the same functions as before, and now with the horizontal ribbon of entries that you used to get when you clicked one of those functions ready-displayed alongside each function icon.

    (A further change YouView had done a little earlier was to take Settings, Help and Search off the horizontal menu and move them to the top as the magnifying glass on the left, which does at least say ‘Search’, and the little cogwheel and ? on the right for Settings and Help respectively, which also confused existing users at first , but I see you twigged that OK).

    A YouView box without internet can’t be set up, so I presume you have set this one up on your internet, and then passed it to your father?

    It should then run fine, except that all the ribbon entries will just be be black squares with white writing, as the little pictures are fed from the internet, none of the apps will work, the EPG will be very marginally different.

    And the box won’t get any further software updates.

    But given the ‘improvements’ that you and he have had to, and will have to, negotiate around on the UI as it now is, you may both very well think that this is a good thing 😛
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    One option to make his life easier would be to get a Plusnet Youview remote from ebay which has a dedicated button for accessing the recordings. Instead of the BT button above the blue Youview button it has MyView. So it's turn the box on & press MyView & you're at recordings.
    This is the link for the one I got , just 1 left now,

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    Click on the big blue button 
    First is Guide scroll down 

     featured apps ....down again to


    Press on the MYTV 
    And bingo,  enjoy
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    Many thanks for all your replies, it really is appreciated. The original box goes back many years, it was when they first came out. I tried to convince him to go for another make but he insisted that he wanted there same as he was used to that remote and box. It is so hard to alter his mind when it’s made up. To save my sanity and keep that peace, just got him a new one of the same box. I will show him what to do to get to his recordings when I visit him this week. 
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    @sekrapa You and your dad may find these visual instructions helpful:

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