Humax youview controller

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The controller isn't working it will turn the box off or on but nothing else. I've tried the reset pressing the red button and tv button. It's not worked. 


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    Greetings @SheilaB and welcome to the Community!

    The first thing to check is the strength of the batteries; I use a meter, and they should be over 1.4 volts each. Though if you can’t do that, just try a fresh pair and see if that fixes things.

    To detect if the remote is only sending the On/Off signal, or if it is sending all the signals but the box is ignoring them, point the remote at your smartphone camera and press a few buttons. If they are working you should see the flickering made visible, on your smartphone screen.

    If all the buttons are in fact working, the next step is a soft reset of the YouView box. While not recording nor about to, touch the On/Standby button on the box for just over 8 seconds, and it will soft reboot. This is very gentle, and you won’t lose any settings, tunings, recordings, or anything like that.

    If still no go, please post again with the results of the above.

    It will also be helpful to know the model of YouView box you have, who your ISP is, and if the box is on subscription or not.
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