Pairing BT Box Pro remote to Tv

Has anyone figured out how to pair the box pro remote to their TV. It's really annoying having to use 2 remotes.


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    You'll be better asking that question on BT youview. 
    This relatively new box as yet to grace the presence of the majority of visitors to this site.
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    @kodikid @Btboxpronew

    You wouldn’t believe how many people you can help, even if you haven’t got the kit they have, just by finding the manual online and reading it to them 😛

    However, in this case, I have initially drawn something of a blank 😢

    Set up your remote
    Install the batteries by removing the plastic protector and press the power button. The remote control will automatically pair with the TV Box and programme itself to control your TV as well.

    There is no deader dead end than something that is supposed to happen automatically, and doesn’t.

    But all is not lost - the cheery manual goes on to say:-

    Need some help?
    If you need any help, is a good place to go. We’ve got common questions and answers that will help you solve any problems you may be having, and other tips with getting the most out of your service.
    Or you can chat with us online (any time between 7am and 11pm) at
    You can speak to us on the phone too. Just call 0800 111 4567 anytime between 8am and 9pm.

    augmenting the advice that @kodikid gave, where I found this:-
    though I don’t think it applies to this new Pro box at all. So another dead end 😢

    may have come up trumps, from exactly where @kodikid suggested you go:-

    Here’s what ‘automatically’ means:-
    The big difference with the new remote is that instead of having to enter a code to pair with the TV, the box uses the HDMI connection to ask the TV what it is. It then tells the remote, which configures the buttons accordingly.

    So you need the TV On, and directly connected to the Pro box by HDMI and not via any other equipment (for setup at least). 

    If this wasn’t the case initially, you can try re-pairing the remote now, having put the TV on, and linked it via a direct HDMI connection, with:-
    1. Press the Home and 9 buttons at the same time
    2. Hold down the buttons until the LED around the BT icon flashes purple three times
    If this still doesn’t work, your TV may be currently incompatible with the remote, in which case the advice is to join that thread stating the make and model of TV (what is it, by the way?) and BT will look at getting it included.

    Do please let us know how you get on with all this.
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