On demand players disappeared

When I go to players from the youview menu on my Sony Bravia TV there are only 2 players, BBC iplayer and my5. ITV hub and the others are gone? Why have they gone and How do I get them back? 


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    Greetings @Stephnmark and welcome to the Community!

    Please can you let us know the model number of your Sony TV, as the answer depends on this?

    Also if the set is connected to an aerial, and the broadcast TV channels tuned in or not?
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  • Hi Roy,
    Thanks for your reply. The TV is connected to an aerial and all the channels are tuned in.
    The model number of the TV is KD49XF8796

    All the players have been working well for over 2 years until yesterday. We have changed Internet providers  but I didn't think it would be affected by that??

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    Indeed so; changing internet providers shouldn’t make any difference to what YouView Players you get on your Sony TV.

    I see it’s a 2018 model, so presumably still the older interface where there is a YouView side and a Freeview side, rather than the new-fangled ‘Live & Catchup TV’ where YouView lives on later models?

    What happens if you go to a past ITV or Channel4 programme in the backwards EPG? Can you select one from there and try to play it?
    Or are none of them flagged as playable, unlike BBC and channel 5 programmes?

    There are a couple of resets you could try; as I said above, changing ISPS shouldn’t make any difference, but maybe the set has got a bit confused.

    Firstly, hold down the On/Standby button on the remote for just over 8 seconds, until the TV soft resets. See if this brings back the missing players.

    More drastically, Factory Reset the TV; this too-often recommended procedure puts all sorts of derangements right on these TVs.

    And report back…

    Also, there is quite a bit of YouView Help for these Sony TVs here :-
    and select ‘YouView on Sony’
    that might be worth a trawl through, if you haven’t already, especially the bits about cache clearing on the players.
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