Why have my scheduled recordings disappeared?

I have had several recordings set up on Youview for years.  They've all disappeared and are now in my watch list.   I don't want this as I was recording with subtitles and now I can't get subtitles on the watch list.   Why is this?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    It sounds as if you have encountered the new YouView screen layout, one so unintuitive that many people have been caught out by it.

    The leftmost tab on the Recordings and Watchlist line, labelled ‘My TV’, is clickable, and when you click it, you should find yourself back in familiar territory, with all your recordings present and correct (assuming that none have disappeared because your disc is full, to make room for new recordings, as has always been the case).

    Think of the new layout as the previous layout, but with the horizontal row of options now swung down to be a vertical row, so that thumbnails can be shown on every line at once, plus making it glaringly unobvious that the option you used to choose from the top line in a perfectly natural way without hardly thinking about it is still there to choose in the funny little icon on the left, blue-ringed when it has the focus, but otherwise rather too low-key, considering its importance compared with the brightly coloured thumbnails on the line.

    You can read all about the ‘improvements’ in the new layout here:-
    Personally, I regard it as a backward step; but I think it could perhaps be rescued if something were done to address that lefthand column and its dowdy little icons.

    The good news though, is that once you know what the lefthand icons do, you will only get confused a couple more times, until you remind yourself what they are, and pretty soon you will be using it seamlessly again.
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