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Be afraid, be very afraid, Transposition is catching on, and the BBC iPlayer, unless we all rise up and say No!, is going to look something like this, taken from the iPlayer on YouView, though it seems to be the same on all our TVs:-

Incredibly, it is not only worse than the standard iPlayer screen, it is actually worse than, the YouView transpose, as, unlike YouView or even the standard iPlayer, you don’t see any screen changes as you click (you can’t scroll!) down the list of channels, unless you actually click on one of the channel entries again.

And I thought YouView icons were small, but these you can’t even see properly on our bedroom TV. 80% of the screen, utterly wasted.

I expect the BBC are doing this so as not to slow down moving down the list by showing channel-specific screens as you go. Though the standard presentation manages this just fine….

There are other detail issues wrong with it, but I am fundamentally opposed to the change, and I have beseeched the BBC to abandon it as completely wrong-headed.
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  • John LJohn L Member, Super User Posts: 928 ✭✭
    Hi @Roy,
    What wonderful "improvement" . . .  now my Humax Freesat 1100S pvr runs a more sluggish with iPlayer. If I change from Beta mode back to normal iPlayer I am able to get the previous update, which seems a few micro seconds quicker (maybe I'm imagining things?!) but for how long? It's all very well for software developers to add features, but again they seem to forget the user's box may slow down more?

    With regards the Youview version, I have quickly tried it & I have to question WHY? I was very happy as it was before. Are Youview going to provide Users with a free box upgrade or even some more DRAM memory?  The problem with Freesat is that they don't provide many updates these days for the newer boxes. The new Freesat box is very unreliable & I have heard keeps rebooting/overheating. The User suffers again! At least Youview provide regular updates & bug fixes. John L 
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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