No picture on recording

My Youview box appears to have recorded because it gives the length of the recording but when I press play, there is no picture


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    Greetings @JADeller, and welcome to the Community!

    Does the recording play for that length of time?
    Do you get the audio?
    What is/are the programmes you have recorded, and from what channel?
    Who is your ISP?
    What is the model of your YouView box, and is it one you have from a subscription with BT or TalkTalk?

    Have you any older recordings that played OK previously? And do they still play OK, or do they now have this problem?

    In the first place, try a soft reset; while not recording, nor about to, touch the On/Standby button on your box for just over 8 seconds, until it soft reboots.

    Do your blank recordings now play OK? If you make a new recording, does that now play OK?

    Please let us know the answers to these questions, and we can go from there if further help is needed.
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  • JADellerJADeller Member Posts: 2
    Thank you so much, Roy. I did a soft reboot and all is back to normal. Now why didn’t I think of that? Because I’m not as savvy as you, obviously!😊 Thanks again. 
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