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Hello, everyone.
I bought my youview box in the u.k several years ago. I've since relocated to France and I'm in the process of attempting to set up. I've tried to retune the tv channels without success. I have a satellite that I have set up, pointing at Astra. Can anyone help please. Many thanks.


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    Youview does not work with Satellite, only terestrial TV via an aerial.

    Now you have tried a retune you may also find that recordings may not play back and some catchup also may not work as they need initially at least a tv signal to validate your area.
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    Thank you, Steve.
    Ho hum. I'll need to shell out and get a new box.
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    I set up a YouView box in Spain, on a terrestrial TV aerial there.

    It successfully pulled in a large number of Spanish TV channels, including HD ones. UK ones were miles out of range, as they are in all but a few areas in France very near the coast adjoining the English Channel. 

    Spain does not have the DVB-T2 that we in the UK get HD channels on, but rather has them on the same DVB-T tuner that we, and they, get SD channels on; the YouView box handled this perfectly, which I thought was rather good of it.

    I could also get the BBC iPlayer to work, but only because I had a Smart DNS service. My5 appeared to be working, but would not ever actually show me any programme I selected, even with the Smart DNS. itv Hub and All4, no chance on YouView,

    We used to get UK programmes on a Sky box in Southern Spain, with a big dish pointed at Astra, but then Sky changed its footprint to exclude us.

    We still got a lot of channels from Astra still, but they were mostly dreck.
    I don’t know if you would fare better in France. The obvious thing to try would be a Freesat box, but check first if this is geo-restricted, as it might well be.

    We watched most UK TV and streaming services over an Amazon Firestick with the Smart DNS, but it was a constant game of whack-a-mole as the streaming services improved their geo-restriction settings and detection, and the Smart DNS found new ways to outsmart them once more.
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