Bt tv pro box not showing HDR.

According to Bt you have to set Pro box to UHD 10 BIT to show HDRcontent.When i do this and try to watch Netflix in HDR it sets the output to 1080p.When i watch a HDR film or show on the Nvidia shield or use apps in my tv,the tv shows a HDR detected message on screen,this never happens when using the Pro box.If i set box to UHD 8BIT it will play in UHD,but never in HDR.Hope this makes sense.


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    edited 6 November 2021, 9:19PM
    Some TVs  eg some Samsung models  will enable HDR automatically for their native apps but for external devices require it to be enabled (eg in TV Settings , External Device Manager , HDMI UHD Color) .
    Could that be the cause ?
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