Powerline Adapters

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I have been using TP Link 300 pass though powerline adapters to connect the BT Youview box in living room to the BT Hub 6.
The powerline adapters are now a good 4 years old and was just wondering how can you tell if they are now starting to go faulty.
They both have 3 green lights on them and have noticed that sometimes the one thats connected to the Home Hub 6 the middle green light seems to go off for a few seconds then the Youview box downstairs will say your brosadband connection has been restored. This only started happening yesterday evening.
This morning when I got up the middle green light on the powerline adapter in my room was off but now its back on again.
Could the adapters be starting to go faulty and are about to give up the ghost.
The BT Youview retail box in my room is fine as thats connected direct to the Home Hub 6.
If the worst comes I do have the Amazon Fire Sticks for the apps but do use the Youview guide on the box in living room and for some of the Now(Now TV) channels.
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