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About a week ago, I. Oticed there were no subtitles on Sky channels Showcase, Max & Witness, which I subscribe to on TalkTalk TV, on a Huawei box. This is now the case on live broadcasts from those channels too. Using the sub button states that titles are either on or off, but does not make them appear, nor does the 'sorry, not available on this channel/programme' message show up. All other channels seem to be unaffected and retuning channels has not solved the problem


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    Greetings and welcome to the Community!

    I thought the original TalkTalk TV had gone, to be replaced by TalkTalk selling Now memberships?

    But if you only have Showcase, Max and Witness, then I guess you must have something else, maybe TalkTalk keeping the old TalkTalk TV alive for existing subscribers?

    But either way this will now be delivered by TalkTalk offering Now channels and streams; and certainly, YouView doesn’t support subtitles on Now programming, for some inexplicable reason.

    If you had a Now membership from TalkTalk, I would suggest getting an Amazon Firestick in Amazon’s Black Friday sale, and watching Now on that, which you can still do with a TalkTalk Now subscription, and get subtitles that way.

    But if what you have is the £2 or £4 TalkTalk TV of old, more or less, but now with the channels selected from the Now range of channels, this would cost you more.

    So, short of badgering Now and YouView to get their acts together to support subtitles on Now, I fear you will just have to live with it 😢
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    Yes, I think it's old subscriber TalkTalk, with broadband, landline and used to have mobile until they farmed that out to someone else. They did send me a new box but I can't transfer my saved progs between boxes so I haven't hooked it up
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