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Just bought a new Smart TV and am trying to connect it to both router and BT box. Currently have aerial lead going to TV, Ethernet from hub to box and HDMI linking box and TV. Can get all the TV channels and internet apps, but can’t locate my BT subscription channels. Whenever I change the AV setting to the relevant HDMI port it just says ‘signal not strong enough’ or words to that effect. Suspect my cable configuration is wrong, but can anyone advise?


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    Till the experts arrive try putting your aerial into the actual BT box.
    Me thinks what you are watching at the moment is your smart TV and not your box.
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    @kodikid has it right; like him, I don’t think you are seeing any output from the YouView box at all.

    But if you put the aerial cable into the YouView box instead, you will then see all the TV channels, including your BT TV channels, on the HDMI connection.

    However, you then won’t be able to watch the broadcast TV channels that are actually on your TV 😢

    If this matters to you, and your BT YouView box is one that records, then there is an Antenna Out socket on the box that you can use, with a male-to-female aerial cable, to onward link to the TV so you can watch broadcast TV channels directly on your new TV, if you wish, by setting Aerial Loopthrough/Passthrough in Settings on the YouView box.

    You don’t mention how your new TV is connected to the internet, but I assume via WiFi, which you have set up on it?

    I am also wondering how you had things set up with the YouView box and your old TV? Because basically, it should just have been a case of unplug all the leads and wires from the old TV, and plug them into the same places on the new TV (unless the old TV was so old it only had SCART!) But I doubt that…
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    Thanks very much for that. My previous ‘unsmart’ TV was connected to internet via Ethernet cable from router into the BT box which in turn was connected to the TV via HDMI cable. The aerial went into the box rather than the TV. But when I tried to replicate that on the new TV the set-up process didn’t pick up any of the terrestrial channels. When I plugged the aerial directly into the TV they all came through. So ‘yes’ I’ve opted for the wireless setup rather than a wired setup but, as I say, when I switch the AV setting on the TV to HDMI it doesn’t offer any of the BT channels. 
    Would it help if I had a Ethernet splitter and ran the broadband cable into both BT box and TV or is the supplementary aerial lead the way forward? 
    Im not really bothered how I watch the TV channels, I just want to be able to access those I pay BT for, like BT sport. 
    Does that make any sense?

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    If you got the TV channels on your box before you should get them now.
    Try -
    Aerial and ethernet into the box> HDMI from the box into the TV. Leave the TV's own Freeview channels alone and just watch them through the box. That in theory should enable you to watch the internet channels too.
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    You probably need to go into the Settings on the Youview box and switch the antenna out to ON as @Roy mentioned. Then you'll get the aerial signal passed through to the TV once you made that extra connection from the RF Out socket on the Youview box.
    By default - stupidly - that setting is OFF.

  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 523 ✭✭
    Tim C said:
    By default - stupidly - that setting is OFF.
    Agree it's stupid but an EU regulation to save energy I believe.
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    Is your BT YouView box one that records?
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