Remote not allowing rewind or fast forward

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Remote not allowing fast forward or rewind 


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    Greetings @Rogerg110 and welcome to the Community!

    What are you playing when you use these two buttons and they should work but don’t (e.g. a recording?)

    Is the remote allowing forward and backward skip?

    Have you checked if the batteries in the remote might need replacing?

    Can you please tell us the model of YouView box this is happening on, your ISP, and whether the box was obtained retail, on a subscription (and if so, if it is still running) or on the aftermarket, from eBay or the like, and how long you have had it?

    Can you take a camera (one on a smartphone is ideal) point the remote at it and press a few buttons? This should make the infra-red signal visible on the phone screen.

    If you can see the signal from (say) volume up/down, channel up/down and OK, then try pressing and holding fast forward and rewind. Can you see any signal from these?

    All this will help us to qualify your problem.
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