how to give new features to be added to youview.

matthew01matthew01 Member Posts: 6
Is there a way to give feedback to ask if new features be added to youview software?.



  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 581 ✭✭
    You can ask, but will be ignored as most suggestions are.

    YouView is basically now driven by BT's needs and not the ultimate user.

    There is a long list of wants that was consolidated by a user on here so might be worth your reading before making a suggestion that may already have been requested.

    You can view this here.

    If it's additional apps, you will be waiting a lifetime and not all boxes are capable of getting new apps, and others such as Prime are only available on TalkTalk and BT 2nd gen boxes ( not the T1*** series or DN 370T boxes).
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    I now think Youview once very good and still reliable with software and hardware. Is now starting to fall a little behind tech wise. Compared to the likes of Sky Q and the newer vision of the Virgin Media box. As I know a few people that have Sky Q and at lest two that have Virgin Media. One person I know has still to upgrade from Sky + HD to Sky Q.
    Dont know about Freeview Play boxes as never used them so far.
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    No simple as. 
    It's a bit like the demise of Blackberry and no doubt have a similar outcome. 

    Youview dosnt really exist anymore' (try buying a new box) The remaining retail boxes 
     are in the death throes with relatively outdated technology and a dwindling audience' so why would anyone bother?

    BT who now supply new boxes (on subscription only) don't recognise that it even exists (ditto Sony) 

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    Yes, but BT and Sony still have a total dependence on YouView, even if they try very hard not to breathe its name.

    It’s quite a feat for YouView to have got into the situation where hundreds of thousands of people rely on the product, but the brand recognition exists on a spectrum from ‘who?’ to ‘them??!!’ 😛
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    @matthew01 for small features, you can suggest them here and they might get picked up, for bigger ones they might be better directed at BT/TalkTalk if you're through them to tally up with other people who might ask for the same thing for them to prioritise. And if you're asking for new players to be added, then expressing interest directly with the broadcast/streaming provider over e.g. Twitter/email is probably best.
  • kodikidkodikid Member Posts: 891 ✭✭
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     Re new players

    If only it was that simple,
     I mean who wouldn't want Disney or YouTube on a youview device. 
    Youview parsay is nearly a decade old so even when Youview retail was at its height it still couldn't attract YouTube. 
    Maybe it might appear on the BT Pro in the future (forget Disney that will never appear on BT or Virgin) but weather that would benefit non subscription customers is another matter. 
    I couldn't wait so invested in a roku streambar. 
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  • DarrenDarren Member, Super User Posts: 578 ✭✭
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    As @kodikid says Youview is now nearly a decade old and although still good is now started to get a little outdated. 
    Cant see Disney + coming to Youview anytime soon and if YouTube was to come to Youview, it would have been on Youview by now.
    Cant comment on the BT Pro box as never used one and may not use one as thinking of cancelling BT TV with Now at some point and getting Now direct from them.
    Im glad I now have two Amazon Firesticks. The 2020 HD version thats in TV my bedroom and the 2021 HD version thats in the TV in living room. Got the both last year. 
    Both Amazon Firesticks seem to get minor software updates at lest once or twice a month.
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