need to turn link off second youview box

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I have a DTR 21000 box that is out of contract with BT, and I have just done a new contract with BT and they told me that they are sending me a DTR21000 box, the question is that I want to use both boxes, is there a way to un link them so that when I switch one box on the other box does not switch at the same time ?.

Any help would be great.



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    The boxes aren’t linked in any way.

    It’s just that there is only one set of remote codes for YouView, so if both boxes are in range of a single YouView remote, they will both follow your keypresses.

    The trick is to turn one box, only, on manually, so the other one will ignore the keypresses, up until you press the On/Standby button, which will toggle the live one off and wake the other one up.

    At the end of the day, turn the live one off manually.

    Next day, rinse and repeat.

    Or maybe just have them in different rooms, which is what we do, as we want them in different rooms anyway, so each is out of range of the other’s remote.

    BTW, they are DTR-T2100s, unless you have some new box that is ten times as good 😛
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    Mate going slightly off topic...don't be fobbed off by BT in getting given this pre historic box. All new subscribers or those that recontact now receive the new Pro box.
    It's a different make with a vastly superior remote so might actually be a better solution to your problem. 
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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