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Can you please tell me why after I have signed up I can not use the app on my smart TV please 


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    Greetings @mickyboy, and welcome to the Community!

    We’d love to answer your question, and might even be able to, but you haven’t given us much to go on 😢

    The only smart TVs you can get YouView on are the Sony Android/Google TVs, and you don’t have to sign up to YouView on those, just use it.

    What app?
    What make and model of TV?
    What - if it’s relevant - model of YouView box have you got, and is it yours, or on subscription?
    And who signed you up, and to what, exactly?

    Given this information, we’ll see what we can do.

    And if it turns out you are asking in the wrong place, we can happily try and redirect you to the right one!
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  • mickyboymickyboy Member Posts: 2
    it is a 4k  Toshiba google chrome ,i have a NVidia shield 2019 pro  and got app from google play store it said kabang  and below it view tv, cheers for your help
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    Your question seems not to do with the YouView hardware or service, what did you search for that brought you here?

    Anyway, after a little headscratching, you seem to mean Kapang (not Kabang), so you want to either take it up directly with them: https://kapang.com/support/ or ask this same question again (perhaps with more info, and what the exact error you're getting is) on a more generic forum for UK TV, A/V, or Android TV?

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