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RobJRobJ Member Posts: 4
Over the last few days our box has become increasingly erratic.  
It struggles to switch on at times, has failed to record any programmes in the last 48 hours, will not play any existing recordings, and would not play either iplayer or C4 player last night. 
Tried turning it on and off at the back, and the forced restart with the front button, neither has had any effect. 
Any advice please?
Thanks Rob


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,458 ✭✭✭
    Greetings @RobJ and welcome to the Community!

    Can you please start by telling us what box model it is, who your ISP is, how long you have had it, whether it is on subscription or not, and if not, how you came by it (bought new, off eBay, from a friend, etc. etc.)?
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  • RobJRobJ Member Posts: 4
    it’s a huawei box, provided by Talktalk.  We have had it approximately five years ( replaced a earlier failed one) and it’s in contract to talktalk who are our ISP. 
    Any more specific details can be provided later today when I’m home again if required. 
    Thank you…
  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,458 ✭✭✭

    Probably a DN372T then. The earlier DN370T really isn’t worth saving.

    TalkTalk are now only offering DN360Ts as replacements, the non-recording box, which I think is an unsatisfactory situation, but would be OK unless you want to still be able to record.

    The symptoms you report are of a pretty massive failure, though, and the box may not be rescuable.

    But you can try some Maintenance Mode resets, as here:-

    Make sure you find out exactly which box you have and follow the instructions for that box only.

    Start with Option 2, which will preserve your recordings if this is possible.

    If not, then Option 5, equivalent to the Settings menu Factory Reset, is really your only other option, though this wipes the box ready to start again, albeit still on the latest release.

    If that still doesn’t fix it, the last-ditch option that might work is to swap the disc drive, though for that, the box really ought to be one you own.

    The other option at this point might be to get a Humax/BT DTR-T2xxx secondhand off eBay or the like, if you still want to be able to record.

    But try Maintenance Mode, and come back with your results, and we can burn the next bridge when we come to it.
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  • RobJRobJ Member Posts: 4
    Will do, thank you. We record and subsequently delete a lot.  It’s preferable to watching ads or having time-limited player availability.  
    Will report back later. 
  • RobJRobJ Member Posts: 4
    it’s a DN372T box. 
    The maintenance mode to reset and keep recordings has made no difference. 
    Full reset next? Such a shame, still had things to watch. 
  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 640 ✭✭
    Yes a full reset is required. It will, if possible, fix any issues with the hard drive, whereas the keep recording option you have tried, attempts to fix it, but doesn't always succeed.
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