premier league darts recording

Hi every Thursday the recording of the darts ends half way through the final very annoying.
Can I ask is anyone else having issues and what can be done 
Thanks Pete 


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    Greetings @exmouthpete and welcome to the Community!

    The quick answer is to record the following programme as well. As there is a single flag that triggers both the end of the current programme and the start of the next one, you should find the rest of the darts final following pretty seamlessly on the start of the second programme.

    That should cover this coming Thursday, at least.

    The longer-term answer is to ask the channel why this happens, and can they please fix it?

    To which end we would ask what channel the programme is being shown on?
    I think (I can’t check at the moment) that it’s Sky Sports, and if you are recording it, then you must have a Now Sports membership that you subscribe to via BT TV.

    And as BT provide these channels, and support their Now subscribers who use them, I would call the Now helpline that BT TV have provided you with and see what they say about a longer-term fix.

    Edit: I forgot to ask which YouView box you have 😢, but I see that @John L has done so 😀
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    Good morning @exmouthpete,
    Welcome to the Youview community forum. Can you give us a little bit more information: 
    Youview model number, software version & which channel are you trying to record? It could simply be a Broasdcaster error or your pvr needs resetting. Has this happened before when recording/does your pvr record ok on all other channels? Hopefully you will be able to find out an answer shortly to enable you to resolve your problem. John L

    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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