Talktalk youview remote sound not working

I have had to buy a new remote because the buttons on my old one, particularly the back button stopped working. The new one works fine apart from controlling the sound. Anyone know how to make it control the sound?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!
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    Thanks Roy, I had tried all of those without solving the problem.
    I had heard that there is a way of just resetting the sound on the remote rather than the complete remote which is what youview recommend.
    Having done some more investigation I have found that although there is only 3 models of TalkTalk youview, DN360,370,& 372, within these models there is quite a few variations, so you need the right remote for your variation.
    My old one is URC179251-01R00, the new one is URC179252-02R00. So similar but not all buttons do what you expect.
    The remote has got what looks like a programming connector in the battery compartment, so if you had the right kit and software I expect it could be programmed to work with any variant.
    Perhaps youview technical could confirm please.
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    You don’t say which TalkTalk box you have, and nor why you bought a different remote.

    One possibility, the one I hope is the case, is that you bought your replacement remote from the TalkTalk Store, who only offer the V4; as this is so, I would expect that all these remotes are interoperable, or should be.

    Can you decode your remote model numbers into the V1/V4 terminology? 
    I see utter confusion on eBay and Amazon as to which long code applies to which remote, and notably a lot of remotes with a blue YouView button to the left, which that TalkTalk page doesn’t even show, though the V1/V2 picture does seem to be that same remote, albeit with a grey YouView button.

    And then confirm that you followed the instructions for the appropriate V number of your new remote?

    But you will notice that the page I sent you to is a TalkTalk page, not a YouView one; and the hardware is under TalkTalk’s control, not YouView’s.

    So I would suggest that you post on the TalkTalk Community, where the moderators are spoken of very highly, as better even than calling TalkTalk support, and ask your question there as well, see what answers they might offer:-
    Good luck!
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    Just to confirm, all TalkTalk remotes will work with any TalkTalk box. There have been variants but these are more the addition of functions, as with V4 which has a dedicated MyTV button.

    When TalkTalk replace boxes they do not send out replacement remotes as a persons exiting remote will work with the new box.

    What sound are you trying to control, the volume on the box, or linking it to the TV to control volume from there?
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    It might also be useful to know what make and model of TV you are trying to control.

    You did follow the instruction to put the volume of the TalkTalk box right up, with the remote, before programming the TV sound?
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    I thank everyone for their useful suggestions. I was assured by the seller that the new remote would control any of the TalkTalk models of YouView box, obviously not.
    I tried my old remote on other models of box, (and theirs on mine) which although not perfect did work. I have now managed to obtain a new remote with the same URC number as mine, it not only works fine on mine but also on the other models of box. Their remotes had the same URC number.
    I can only assume that TalkTalk only supply remotes with the same URC number.
    So my advice to anyone planning to buy a new remote is to actually check the URC number with the supplier not just on the statement that "It will work with any model".
    ps I have now taken apart my old remote, (not difficult as it happened), and cleaned all the button contacts, now as good as new.
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    Glad you got everything working.

    You seem a bit coy about where the replacement remote came from; can we take it that with TalkTalk entirely able to supply you with a new and genuine TalkTalk remote, you instead bought a knock-off from a third party seller on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, or similar?

    In which case it is them copying the TalkTalk SKU number to give their no-quite-working knock-off a veneer of legitimacy 😢

    I have in my armoury a curvy YouView remote lookalike that came from a third-party seller in China, and cost half the price of a genuine one.

    But I bought it with my eyes wide open as to what it was. And in this case, every function on the remote worked exactly as it should; it was the physical operation of it, buttons and rings, that let it down, due to its inferior plastic moulding,

    Cheap copies of remotes generally aren’t worth the small saving you make; and if you pay full price for a ‘genuine’ remote that isn’t, you can always send it back!
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