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I am kind of new here and hope not to step on any ones toes and post this in right category .
I purchased a Sony Bravia Oled TV Model Number is KD-48A9 I cant find Youview to disable it and record, I have USB HDD Record port and I am frustrated because it sets up the HHD successfully , but i cant record because Youview is enabled. in my old Sony Tv it was in channel setup and I disabled it to record which worked fine. but Youview nowhere to be found on this current TV


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    Hi @tenchman,
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    There are many posts about Sony TV's and I think you will find that you can't do both. You are not alone, Sony have designed a TV with Youview tuner as an option only found when you tick options during setup (correct if I am wrong anyone who has a recent Sony TV), or you have the other option of using Freeview with built in HDD. But not with Youview.

    Why not get yourself a cheap £30+ Youview PVR, loads out there: Talk Talk, Humax (2100 and 4000 models are the best) that have TWIN tuner and you overcome Sony TV problems? Job sorted, you also have an extra one tuner HDD to use with your built in Freeview from Sony TV. Enjoy your weekend.

     Hopefully given you some ideas. If you need more info, there is a lot of info on this forum, plus also Sony's forum (I think there is a long queue forming on Sony forum) John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    YouView on late model Sony Android/Google TVs can now be found (or more often not found 😛) under ‘Live TV & Catchup’.

    These instructions below show how to make it the default; but to make it not the default, just choose plain Digital instead of Digital Live TV & Catch Up, for the TV button shortcut:-

    You will then be able to commence the battle to get the TV to accept a suitable HDD.

    As your TV has two tuners, you will at least be able to record one programme while watching another, which does not apply to every model of  Sony Android set out there; whether you can record two channels at once, I do not know.

    There was also somebody on the Sony Community recently reporting that they could not record while using catchup; this seems to have been an isolated glitch, but watch out for it.
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    Cheers for your responses will give it a try
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