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My TV is connected to broadband via BT wifi router; however it keeps (every 10 seconds) dropping broodband connection with error message YVM102 so Apps will only load intermittently to the extent it makes it unusable. I have seen the youview support article but other devices are fine on the wifi network. Hence can it be the box itself that is faulty?


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    Greetings @Greendog and welcome to the Community!

    Have you got a subscription to BT TV? If so, best contact BT for support with this issue.

    But if not, or if you want to try a few things first, read on.

    If you have worked through the YVM102 support steps, then there are still a couple of things you can try.

    If the YouView box is the only device faulting, then yes it looks like a problem with it, but try a Maintenance Mode reset, as it may just be corrupted software:-

    What box model have you got? (I’m assuming it’s a recording one, and you want to try to preserve your recordings, but if it’s a non-recording box, you might as well go straight for Option 5 below).

    Anyway follow the instructions for your particular box, as they differ slightly.

    Start with Option 2, which keeps your recordings, and rebuilds the software from the internal copy on the box.

    If this doesn’t work, the next step is to get another device that can use Ethernet (the simplest would be a laptop with its WiFi turned off) and try that on the Ethernet cable that normally plugs into the YouView box.

    If service on that is intermittent also, then you have a problem on the link between the YouView box and the router, which you will need to investigate more deeply.

    But if that is OK, and the Maintenance Mode Option 2 did not fix it, then your only option may be Option 5, a complete wipe of the box, so you might want to watch any saved recordings first.

    And certainly, if you have a BT TV subscription, contact them before taking such a drastic step.
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