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I have followed the five steps but still cannot watch meet the Richardsons on Dave from Thursday. How can I resolve this?


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    Greetings @gillmasha and welcome to the Community!

    That’s an extremely specific problem you have there, from your description.

    Does every other programme on Dave work? if not, is the issue confined to Dave, or to UKTV Play, or does it affect other catchup services, like the BBC iPlayer, or Netflix say?

    If it is just that one programme, or a few, can you get them on you phone, tablet or computer? Not that I’m suggesting you watch them there; I’m just trying to find out if the problem is confined to the TV, or maybe there is a fault with the programme everywhere.

    The universal ‘one step beyond’ when a Sony Android TV misbehaves is to clear the relevant cache, and two steps beyond is a Factory Reset, which the instructions for YVM2104 don’t cover. But best to hold off on these steps until we have a better idea of what the problem is, by getting the answers to the questions above,
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