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    kodikid said:
    To be fair unless it's racist homophobic or sexist we should take the sticks and stones approach. 

    Even the moderator didn't except he/she was a Troll. 

    Personally I believe we should inhabit the moral high ground and simply rise above infantile name calling and let the perpetrators bathe in their stupidly. 

    Now looking forward to the pot/kettle replies. 
    I think I suggested doing a search for "SAMUEL"
    I'm guessing that you haven't taken the time to do that.
    This person is not someone that we should treat with respect or sensitivity. 
    There has been A LOT of **** in the past. 

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    Sorry to spam on 3 threads, but haven't we had enough disruption on this website recently without creating more?
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    As this thread has strayed from its original topic, I will be locking it.

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