3rd party Set Top Box instead of using TT TV Plus box

Can I use a Humax 1TB set top box instead of TT TV Plus box - this is low capacity and frequently goes faulty?


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    The world is your oyster. 
    If it's a freeview box then the clue is in the title... same goes for youview.  Both sub free and should work with your current router....fill yer boot's. 
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    If you have TalkTalk boost channels you will need a YouView box to access them. A Freeview box will be just that, Freeview.

    Also note that even though you may get a retail or BT branded Humax YouView box, it will pick up the TalkTalk skin and look like your existing boxes UI. It will also pick up updates associated to the type of box you purchase, so you will get the new carousel layout rather than the one you are used to on TalkTalk .
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