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Has anyone got advice as to why the fast forward/Rewind buttons have stopped working. The pause button is working but that means I am in permanent delayed mode.


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    Just buy a new remote,  plenty available. 
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    If this is on the remote, then the contacts and switches wear out 😢

    I lost Forward Skip on one of mine, and though I took the remote apart, as sometimes a clean out will fix it, I could see that the contact was a goner.

    But could you, just as an experiment, see if Skip Forward and Skip Backward still work?

    And don’t forget that these controls are replicated on the box itself, though it does mean you have keep getting up off your sofa to use them.

    Other options are to try new batteries, and try resetting the remote:-
    You will need to drill down from there to your particular remote.
    But my money is on worn-out switches, if you have had the box a while.

    AAMOI, which YouView box, and which remote, have you got?
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