YVM105 error

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New here, I have a message YVM105 - got home put TV on and told me it cant detect  Broadband,I have wifi  -please help , why does this just randomly occur?


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    Greetings @keyster, and welcome to the Community!

    The support page for YVM105 is here:-

    You don’t say what your YouView device is - the model number would be useful - but as that is a three-digit error number, I’m assuming you have a box rather than a Sony Android YouView-equipped TV?

    And unless your box is the very latest BT Pro box, it doesn’t work over WiFi, but expects a wired connection via an Ethernet cable.

    If you can tell what the box model is though (something like DTR-T2nnn perhaps, where nnn stands for three more digits) and how far it is from your router, who your ISP is, and whether the box is on subscription or not, we can set out your best options for getting connected!
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