Can I use my youview box as storage only through a smart Tv?

I’m trying to set up a tv for my mum and dad to have the use of the youview box as storage only. 
Can they record from the smart tv to the youview box or do they need to have the subscription for youview active? 
I have no idea if this is making any sense. 
When they try to record, it says no USB found. 
Can they use the youview box as purely storage? 
They spent their savings on a new tv at Curry’s, but wasn’t told there was no record function. 
They’re getting worked up and upset and Dad wants to take the tv back, Mums getting frustrated and I’m usually the tech guru and I have no answers 😫 


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    You need to record to the YouView box using the box tuner. This has not changed. They will need an aerial feed into the box for a signal to bet through and the box to be connected to the TV via an HDMI lead. You may need a splitter and additional lead to connect the box to the aerial, but if you feed this to the box first, then a lead from box to TV this should work. Remember to set antenna out to On in the settings menu.
    Once connected use the source button on the TV remote to select the box. You may need to set the box up within the TV set up and each TV varies in this respect, but selecting source should suffice in general.
    Once you have the box to view select the guide using the box remote and record as normal.
    The TV may offer recording but you need a USB storage device and you can only record the same channel as you are watching. Some TVs will accept a usb stick, but some need a powered usb storage to work, especially if recording whilst the TV is in standby.
    Sorry the advice is generic, but for the box search this site for setup manual and select your box for details.
    For your TV search for the manual using the make and model number. For help with the TV you may find a similar forum to this for the TV make.
    Hope this helps.
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    Hi @mrshgoodwin13,
    Welcome to the forum. Spot on advice from @Stevef_fr8ys.
    The one advantage with the Smart tv having a USB recording facility, is having an extra recordable tv tuner. So if the Youview pvr is recording 2 channels & you want to record 3rd channel that you are watching on main tv, you can do this, but you can't change channels on tv while recording. Best thing to do is try out as mentioned above/read tv instructions about usb recording & you will see what works for your parents.

    Hopefully as mentioned above, the new tv should boot direct to Youview pvr each time tv is tuned on (it remembers last device connected or tv's own tuner used), but might be worth showing your parents the Input/Source menu via Tv's remote. I know my elderly mother gets totally confused even when I show her! I remember the days of VHS recorders & tuning in the recorder to the TV. Now a lot simpler, but confusing to non-technical. Hope they enjoy using their new Smart tv. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Basically connect your tv aerial to the youview box
    Also connect a hdmi lead from your tv to your box.
    It is pretty intuitive once the above is completed. 
    You can also set up the youview remote to operate the tv.
    If you need assistance with that let the experts above know the make of your tv and they'll guide you through it.
    Happy tuning. 
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    All good stuff above, mostly, but:-

    Have they got a terrestrial TV aerial (i.e., not satellite)?
    Have they got broadband? Who is their ISP?
    What is the make and model of TV they bought?
    Did they tell Curry’s they wanted to record from it, or did they just assume it would?

    I’m not clear whether the TV hasn’t got a recording function, or whether it has but your parents didn’t realise that you need an external USB device to record on.

    And unless a TV has twin tuners (a feature usually found only on very high-end TVs), they won’t be able to watch one programme while recording another, which they probably expected to be able to do.

    So a YouView box, which lets you do those things, is a good choice here. 

    But best to get the model of how it works in your head, and then explain it to them; the YouView box sits first in the aerial chain, has its own two tuners that record from Freeview TV programmes, and has an aerial out connection for a further aerial lead up to the TV. 

    So your parents can record two programmes on the YouView box at once, and still watch a third on the TV at the same time.

    Or they can watch from the YouView box directly, when recording only one, or no, programme, and be able to pause and rewind live TV, one of the YouView box’s party tricks.

    And yes, the YouView box works fine without a subscription; people only need one if they want to watch extra, non-Freeview, channels like Sky ones, or BT Sport say.

    And the HDMI lead? Unlike the old-style VHS recorders, the aerial cable from the YouView box only carries the original TV aerial signal. So to watch recordings, you need an extra cable, the HDMI one, that plugs into an HDMI port on the TV.

    You might remember from the old VHS days, you could get a better picture if you used a SCART cable to feed from the recorder to the TV than if you used the aerial; HDMI is the modern-day equivalent of this, except that you have to use it 😛
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