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tried  all reset procedures 
no illumination / flashing of buttons


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    Two questions:

    Which remote is it? There's a list with pictures here:
    Or is it the new TV Box Pro remote that's bluetooth and has the BT logo as the topmost button (on/off).

    Did you get your YouView box as part of a TV subscription that you're still paying for, from either BT or TalkTalk? Or buy it retail / second-hand?
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    edited 13 May 2022, 1:10PM

    Double-check that you put the replacement batteries in the right way round.

    Here are two of my YouView remotes, both +/- at each end, and both with the - ends resting on the springs but the original curvy remote  has the top end -/+, and the later BT remote has its top end +/- .

    Both show which way round the batteries go, in each battery compartment, though this is just moulded in black on black in the BT remote. Shine your phone’s torch on it to see it more clearly.

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