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Sadly no more BBC news in HD as the channel is stopping broadcasting on June 22nd. 
Obviously it's still available in SD.
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    I heard about this 2 days ago over on the Digital Spy forums.
    Think BBC News HD will still be broadcast via iPlayer and on Sky/Virgin.
    Will have to watch BBC News HD via iPlayer soon but it will not be the same.
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    You'd think in 2022 we'll be getting 4k BBC news, and not going backwards 
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    edited 4 June 2022, 8:47PM
    I agree but Freeview dont have the bandwidth to broadcast channels in 4k. 
    Also just over 50% of the UK still own a full HD TV. Including me.
    HD 1080p should be made started for broadcasting and to soon have even less HD channels on
    Freeview is not good and a step back.
    I now tend to watch things in HD when ever I can.
    When I have been at my sisters HD on 2019 Samsung 4k smart TV looks good as it upscale some HD stuff to make it look as near 4k as it can.
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    Is that the percentage who don’t have 4K? We still have a couple of HD sets knocking about, besides our 4K ones, so the two numbers might not be the same,

    But I wonder how many people watch BBC1 in native HD rather than upscaled SD, given that if you do, you lose the regional news, unless you keep switching?

    Never mind that all the fuss is about channels 1-24, and 101 is pages away.

    HD looks pretty good upscaled to 4K, but upscaling SD means the TV inventing 15 out of every 16 pixels you see, instead of 3 out of every 4, and it shows.

    It’s an enduring mystery to me why there aren’t modes to upscale in same-colour blocks of 4 or 16 pixels, as well as having the ‘smart’ upscaling.
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    @Roy yes that’s the percentage of those that still don’t have  a 4k TV..
    Dad at times will watches SD BBC1 as he sometimes forgets BBC1 HD is on 101 but hes now on his late 80s and don’t always keep to well.
    Also he dont watch the TV as much as he used to.
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    Got two 4k Sony's televisions 
     two BT  pro boxes 
    And 3 roku 3k streambar's (spare room set just HD)
    plus access to BT sport UHD.

    Can't watch anything in ultra HD as the only fibre provider in our area is Virgin (actually a local Facebook group dedicated to Virgin problems) so sadly not an option. 

    So until BT pull their finger out no 4k for me. 

    But the picture on our HD Samsung is just as good as on the upscaled 4K Sony's 
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