Sony YouView update? Ever?

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Will this tired service ever be updated with any interesting changes and features. 
Be nice to record and have something intuitive coming from it. 
The Apps section don’t correspond to what’s actually installed on the TV.
should YouView just merge, sell to or play nice with FreeView Play.

obviously I’m looking at this from a specific lens of YouView on the TV in the same way FreeSat or basic FreeView are in the TV. 

Bearing in mind I’m watching on a Sony Bravia KD49XG9005.
the most forgotten TV in TV software update history. It doesn’t even have BritBox nor Apple TV+ !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have Sky Q but have always thought that this could be a really good way of getting something different from my TV but it seems missing and lacking of any real invention or difference. 


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    If you want YouView, or even just to judge YouView fairly, get a YouView box.

    YouView never was, and never will be, implemented properly on Sony TVs, not even 2022 ones, let alone a 2019 one.

    I’m guessing, also, that Freeview have zero interest in YouView. They have Freeview Play, thank you, which does everything they want in the field where YouView exists. A situation, and even a piece of software, whose creation was inevitable once the BT tail started wagging the YouView dog, to the detriment of the terrestrial broadcasters.

    But what is your issue with Sky Q? I have always thought that if you take a Sony TV, with its unrivalled picture but fairly disastrous software, and use it solely as a monitor to watch a Sky box on, then that is a match made in heaven, playing to the strengths of both, and the weaknesses of neither.
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