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At the end of my BT contract if I ignore the threatening letters and keep the pro box will it effect my credit rating?
Plus has anyone any experience of how far BT will go to get their box returned. 


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    If you don't send it back they'll just charge you for it and if you don't pay they'll probably pass it over to a debt collection agency which is quite a standard practice.
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    After a certain amount of time, BT will charge you a Non-Return Fee of £120. They will take this via any Direct Debit still extant with them, or any debit or credit card they have details of on file; so to dodge it, your Direct Debit with BT need to be explicitly cancelled with your bank, and any credit or debit cards of yours that BT may have details of, stopped or expired.

    If they can successfully take the Non-Return Fee, you then have two years to return the box and have this refunded to you.

    At no time does ownership of the box pass from BT to you, even if you pay the Non-Return Fee.

    It is not recorded what happens if BT are unable to collect the Non-Return Fee from you, or can collect it but you still don’t return the box within two years, but (though IANAL) it seems to me that this may be classed as theft, in which case your credit rating will be the least of your worries.

    OTOH, all these grey market Pro boxes must be coming from somewhere, and it seems unlikely that would be BT, so some people don’t seem to be too worried about what BT might do.
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