Sony TV and YouView - An Erorr has occurred. Please try again later

jb_4jb_4 Member Posts: 3
You View Version: 3.2.17
YouView Service Host Version:
Sony TV Model: 49XF9005
Internet Connection: Cabled (Ethernet).

I am unable to watch any via the apps that are provided through YouView on my Sony TV, without clearing data/cache of YouView and resetting the TV every time. This includes BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, ITV Hub and All4.
Attempting to load the apps results in a blank screen for about 10 seconds then the following message appears: An Error has occurred. Please try again later.

There are no updates pending for the TV system.
I have tried all the usual steps (reset router, restart the TV, clear YouView and Service Host cache) in various orders and individually at first. However, the only method that allows me to open the apps is the following:
Clear cache of YouView
Clear cache of YouView Service Host
Clear Data of YouView Service Host
Press and hold power on remote to reset TV
Wait for message to appear stating connected to the internet.
Open desired app

Once the TV is turned off and on again, the problem returns.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this permanently? I don't have any other set-top boxes connected. The only alternate is to use cast iPlayer from a mobile device. All liveable with, but the apps used to work perfectly until some-time last year, so it's just annoying!
Wouldn't it be great if the message had an error code with it that made troubleshooting significantly easier...

Thanks in advance if you can offer any assistance.


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    Greetings @jb_4 and welcome to the Community!

    Can you try some non-YouView-provided apps, and see if they are OK, or if you have the same problem?

    As without an error number, this doesn’t sound quite like a YouView on Sony issue.
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  • jb_4jb_4 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Roy. Thanks for reaching out. All non-You-View provided apps work fine. So anything from the store and everything that came pre-installed (Red Bull TV, BT Sport, Netflix, Disney and so on). The error message only appears when trying to open the YouView provided apps. I've fully reset YouView on numerous occasions and done the full setup again as well. After this the YouView apps work but, once the TV is turned off, the problem then starts again. I can see that other people have had this exact error but I can't see a permanent fix. Shame that there's no error message though! Is there a log within the TV system that I can easily access? I might be able to see something from the timestamp of the problem.
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    I just realised I was talking about a log on the Android TV system and this is obviously a YouView forum! I'll have a look for that myself! But, as the TV and all the other apps work perfectly fine, this has to be an issue with YouView. Completely removing YouView and configuring it again does fix the issue until the next power-cycle of the TV. Shame you can't roll-back versions as this all worked perfectly fine until last year. It has to be related to an update as nothing else has changed and non-YouView provided apps are fine.
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    edited 2 September 2022, 2:08PM

    Have you factory reset the TV? 

    It doesn’t sound like you have, and I can understand any reluctance to do so, but it’s Sony’s default advice in almost all circumstances, and especially those where restarts and cache clearing, etc., have not been effective.

    I might suggest you try the UK Sony Community, at:-

    where there are some very knowledgeable people, but I used to answer most of the YouView queries there. 

    However, I don’t post there any more, ever since a member called me an apologist for YouView, and the moderators took down my acerbic reply, but declined to take down the initial insult 😢

    But somebody else might know something, you never know your luck.

    (The stupid thing about calling me an apologist for YouView, is that I actually have a very low opinion of YouView on Sony, as it’s only a partial implementation of YouView, on woefully inadequate Sony hardware and software, and all bent out of shape to fit the constraints of the Android OS.

    And it’s been a five-year struggle for Sony and YouView to accept that not everybody has or wants a TV aerial, and provide all the YouView-associated apps in a form that can work without the related TV channels being tuned in on terrestrial. And also that will still work if you switch away from all the YouView gubbins. Which, from 2015 to 2019, including your 2018 set, wasn’t the case. 

    But because of some or all of the above, there are users on there who hate the YouView implementation so much, they think I was painting too rosy a picture 😛)
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