retail DTR-T1000 incorrectly reports YMV104; cannot access players/apps

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My old DTR-T1000 was working fine until mid / late August this year, for viewing, recording, occasional use of iPlayer etc.

Now, it is unable to run any iPlayer etc apps, or show preview/summary  information for programmes, or show the pictograms for recordings.

The information below is indicating that either "something has changed" in the way Youview are delivering information to this box (maybe a side-effect of the recent DTR-T2000 only upgrade..), or something  has changed in the BT access network that is "blocking" some Youview traffic ; this post is a request for confirmation / fixes; & if the fix is "scrap the DTR-T1000" (due to it being obsoleted by the service evolution and lack of firmware upgrade), what assurance can Youview provide that the same thing will not happen again. The hardware cost of replacing the box is not an issue, but loss of material recorded on the box is an issue.

thanks &

Using the System Settings Broadband Automatic menu shows "connecting to router" briefly, then the "failed to connect to the internet" message.

This behaviour is repeatable for 2 different internet connections (BT residential and business lines) & 3 different access gateways (BT Hubs and AVM7530); with different LAN sub-nets.

Power cycling the access gateway/router and DTR-T1000 does not appear to change the behaviour.

I have tried the recommendations in other threads of setting DTR-T1000 IP address manually, and even the "Wireshark detective" suggestion of DTR-T1000 "hard coded" IP address of

For each access gateway tried, the DTR-T1000 acquires a correct IP address (for the LAN sub-net to which it is connected), and responds to diagnostic ping from other devices.

Note the UPnP is disabled on my access gateways for security, and has been disabled "for a long time" (ie iPlayer etc worked fine when UPnP is disabled).

The DTR-T1000 is connected to the access gateway via ethernet cable, and re-connecting the cable to a normal computer confirms that there are no cable connectivity issues, & iPlayer works fine on the computer (so no service level issues related to gateway config or broadband service).

But I do not know if iPlayer etc on the DTR-T1000 is working in exactly the same way as iPlayer on a Windows/Linux PC with up-to-date browsers..

Initial research into this issue via the Humax website led to a recommendation by "Colin" at Humax support that the access gateway needs to have opened firewall ports at ports 80, 8080 & 443; which surprises me, "but should be discussed with Youview support directly as Humax only make the hardware, Youview supply all the software". This seems logical to me, as Youview will be operating the servers that deliver content to the Youview CPE devices, and therefore control the networking protocols and procedures that are used.

Can Youview confirm the recommendation from "Colin at Humax" ? & if so, advise on which servers they expect to initiate connections to DTR-T1000 ? & whether the ports should be opened for TCP, UDP or both ( & complete list of port numbers  ??) ?

I have checked the packet flow between DTR-T1000 and gateway for the BT (business) hub / BT business line with firewall ports opened as per Humax recommendation (TCP only so far); capturing pcap files that were taken for 2 different power-up cycles ; and finally capturing only the Humax traffic over an extended period whilst DTV programme(s) were being watched.

I do not seem to be able to attach a bz2 compressed file with these pcaps ; please advise how they can be shared / attached...

They indicate :

- The DTR-T1000 is repeatedly sending out MDNS and IGMPv3 packets to broadcast addresses (MDNS) & (IGMPv3).

? Can Youview confirm that these broadcasts are reaching the Youview servers ? & if so, what response if any is expected to be seen / received by the DTR-T1000 ? (this information would help me raise an issue with my ISP, BT, if the issue is related to some change in their network)..

Note that states that addresses in the "local network control block - "MUST NOT be shipped as defaults in implementations"..

- DNS requests being made for the following URLs, at different times, and different responses being received (for : I  understand why alternative IP addresses are supplied in the same response packet):  

DNS responses:


then (repeated, in different order)

Packet 105 in no_internet.pcap is an HTTP "GET" to that is successful, resulting in the reception of what looks like programme schedule/summary information (in compressed format) ; confirming that the internet connectivity of the Humax box is "correct" (and does not need any router firewall ports to be opened, since the TCP session is initiated by the HUmax device).

- The hosts listed below (outside of my private network) attempted to establish TCP connections to the device; all attempts are rejected by an RST packet immediately.

How do I know which of them if any is a genuine Youview server ?

& if I enable UPnP on my gateway, can Youview provide any information on which ports will be opened for which remote hosts??

32 remote hosts attempt to open TCP session 19:35 ... 00:32 ; all refused:

IP        port    host    8080    hn.kd.ny.adsl    x2    8080    80    8080    80    80    80    8080    8080    8080    80    80    8080    80  x2    80    443    80    8080    8080    8080    443    443    80    80    8080    80    8080    443    443    80    8080  x2    80


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    Greetings @CharlieS, and welcome to the Community!

    The DTR-T1000 is now a rather old box, and it has been superseded as you know, but it has not been obsoleted, and should still do much of what it did originally, with the exceptions that the app-based remote recording feature no longer works, and you can’t get the itv Hub any longer. And maybe a couple of other things I can’t bring to mind at the moment.

    It won’t run any of the new stuff like Prime Video though, and what it does still run won’t transition as smoothly as on the later boxes.

    However, these T1000 boxes don’t have a good reputation for reliability; specifically, the capacitors go out of spec, though there are several places on the web where you can find instructions on how to replace them.

    But now to your YVM104 (sic). Have you worked through:-

    That’s pretty comprehensive, though it doesn’t mention Maintenance Mode:-
    The use of this to rescue a box that is failing to reach the internet has to be considered with care though, as even an Option 2 will try to reach the YouView servers during recovery and will hang if it can’t, necessitating some assistance from YouView if this happens even on the later boxes, let alone the original DTR-T1000.

    But the inability of a YouView box to transfer HD material to a safe haven (you can recover the SD material as it is on the disc in clear) has always been a weakness, even if it is a case of the copy protection rules getting in the way of consumer satisfaction, rather than any omission on YouView’s part.

    If you have or can get an analogue recorder with Component In, then you can move your HD stuff off the DTR-T1000, at real-time speed, by using an HDMI to Component converter; this will at least preserve its HD resolution, though it will become analogue.

    As regards attaching a file, I take it you have found the paper clip icon in the heading when posting, but the file type is not acceptable? In which case, you could perhaps put the file somewhere publicly accessible and link to it? That should be no more of a security risk that attaching it to a publicly accessible posting here.

    Though who is going to plough through it and make any sense of it, I don’t know; this Community by and large doesn’t do the deep dive required. And on the Now Community, we frequently find that a poster’s inability to get Now working is a self-inflicted wound caused by their own layers of security; and so we recommend that they try, at least temporarily, turning as much off this off as they dare; using a plain vanilla Chrome configuration instead of a Firefox one tricked out with ad blockers and the like; switching to a different AV even for the moment (Bitdefender thinks the Now app is a virus!), and so on.
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    As Roy says the T1000 is now old and no longer supports some of the apps. As well as no longer supporting the remote recording app.
    If you want to use apps. I would look at getting yourself an Amazon Firestick. I love my Amazon Firesticks and use them more then the Youview box for apps
    Your T1000 should still work fine for watching and recording the Freeview channels.
    My T1000 packed in a good 4 or 5 years ago.
    BT now seem to be doing more support for their newer pro box,. Then the Youview boxes that originally replaced the T1000 boxes.
    I think though time support will also be dropped for the T2100 /T2110 boxes.
    I also use the Digital Spy forums and that site dont seem to like the use of ad blocker apps. Not that I have ever used an ad blocker app on my laptop thats now over 6 years old but some used to post about ad blocker apps slowing down the Digital Spy forums.
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    Don't think BT have an obligation to support any retail boxes. 
    If you subscribe to bt tv I doubt if you're be in possession of a T1000 anyway. 
    BT youview support would obviously be for BT tv customers. 
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    kodikid said:
    Don't think BT have an obligation to support any retail boxes. 
    If you subscribe to bt tv I doubt if you're be in possession of a T1000 anyway. 
    BT youview support would obviously be for BT tv customers. 

    BT supplied DTR-T1000s to all its initial subscribers.

    They all instantly became the property of those subscribers, so even if those subscribers carried on with BT TV and were given, or lent, later boxes, the T1000s would still be in those subscribers’ possession, unless they disposed of them, or were misled into sending them back to BT, although they didn’t have to.

    But yes, for any Princess Leia still running a T1000, we are her only hope…,
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    Hello Roy, Kodikid, Darren;
                thanks for the responses.

    I have been through the steps listed in ; which is why I ended up posting to this forum.

    Since I do not have a BT TV subscription I do not think BT help is going to be productive. ( & FTR, I bought the DTR-T1000 originally when they obsoleted the very 1st generation PVR box & tried arm-twisting a subscription in return for sending a replacement).

    I read a lot of the posts about Option 2 issues, and failed capacitors: if a capacitor has failed, it is most likely to render complete hardware sub-systems inoperative.

    The current lack of BBC iPlayer, programme summaries and picto-grams for pre-recorded programmes is most likely to be due to the software running on the MIPs CPU not having some of the information it needs to activate those functions; eg no internet communication to / from specific servers.

    @Roy, you mentioned "Option 2 will try to reach the YouView servers during recovery and will hang if it can’t, necessitating some assistance from YouView if this happens".

    How can Youview be contacted ? both with respect to the "rescue from failed Option 2" topic, and to get their view on the networking related items highlighted in my initial post ?

    I have uploaded the pcap files to :

    thanks &

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    YouView staffers monitor the Community, and will intercede where necessary and relevant.

    But our normal level of discourse for YVM104 is
    Can you get to the router?
    Can you get through the router?
    and if the answer to the second question is ‘No’, regard a dig into the network traffic as unlikely to carry the issue much further 😢

    Rereading your original post, though, have you by any chance got a friend or family member who is not with BT, where you could take your box round, and try it on a different ISP?

    I’ve got one YouView box that is working over a nanorouter, so I could hook it on a WiFi hotspot to EE or O2 broadband if I were to suspect a problem with BT.

    That’s not an option open for a YouView box on a wired connection, of course, but if you had a nanorouter lying about, you could try that.
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    The problem with Charlie's box might be different, but @Stephen said in this post that a box needs to be still supported with software updates for him to be able to help out. He also said that the box that is the subject of the thread was restored to a useable (no networking) state. The situation might have changed since then.
    BBC iPlayer works on our T1000, including the press green button to re-start the current programme. Credit to Youview and the BBC for maintaining the service on a ten year old model.
    You mentioned in your original post that loss of material recorded on the box is an issue. Are you still able to watch your recordings? If you can, you might be better off leaving your box as it is and watching your recordings, rather than risking an option 2 maintenance mode reset that it might not be able to complete.
  • CharlieSCharlieS Member Posts: 5
    Roy, Jonesh;
                   thanks for these updates.

    To answer your questions :

    1. "can you get to/through the router" : assuming "you" is from the viewpoint of the DTR-T1000, the answer (visible in the pcap files) is "yes & yes". DTR-T1000 is issuing DNS requests; receiving replies, then initiating HTTP & HTTPS connections to what I assume are Youview servers..

    But using only the information displayed by DTR-T1000 on the TV screen ( & maybe your router/gateway management GUI page), a user can only see that the DTR-T1000 is being assigned the IP address allocated by the gateway; & "complaints" that it cannot reach the internet (eg when pressing the big blue "Youview" button , instead of getting the row of pictograms under "Guide" showing what is currently being broadcast, there is a text message including words about not reaching the internet).

    2. DTR-1000 connection via a different ISP : to be researched in terms of a "real wired/fibre" connection , but "yes, will try" for a connection over an EE mobile broadband link (using a non-BT router and Android 'phone with EE SIM), & maybe Vodafone / Giffgaff  .. EE is owned by BT, but I do not know to what extent EE fixed infra-structure is using BT infra-structure (in terms of backhaul links + network elements) these days..

    I am not sure what a "nano-router" is, but my set-up will allow a Wireshark trace/pcap file of the traffic exchanged between the DTR-T1000 & mobile network (even though the DTR-T1000 is an ethernet-only connection).

    3. Yes, the existing recordings can be watched, and new scheduled recordings are made.

    ========= NEW INFORMATION =========

    I think this "proves" that nothing is "wrong" in my DTR-T1000. & also means any "works vs fails" information from tests on other ISP links I may be able to access has to be repeated over several trials to be sure it is not "a glitch"..

    We got back from holiday last night, and watched a programme that had been recorded whilst away; the "My TV -> Recordings" screen shows titles of existing recordings, in "empty black boxes"; ie no change from  box state compared to early September when I gathered the information for this thread.

    TV + DTR-T1000 were powered off when we had finished (this is the usual modus-operandi).

    The TV+DTR-T1000 was turned on this morning to watch/record the funeral; & I "took a look" around mid-day, & noticed that :

    -- press "big blue Youview button" ; the pictograms for currently broadcast programmes were being shown;

    -- existing recordings now have appropriate pictograms

    -- Players&Apps + "BT Player" menus now show the usual pictograms (I will check for iPlayer functionality later today).

    TBD if this "recovered internet connectivity" remains permanently ; and what the impact is of closing the gateway firewall ports (gateway configuration is currently unchanged compared to start of September; opening the firewall ports resulted in the DTR-T1000 internet connectivity appearing to be correct for 1 day, before the "no internet" behaviour returned apparently permanently.

    TBD also if there is some issue in the BT gateway that is impacted by firewall port opening (I have noted/investigated some other issues with BT gateway devices).

    So, we are left with the questions that I expect only the Youview staffers can answer:

    = did something change in the Youview delivery infra-structure, late August and / or "over-night" 18th/19th September, that impacts the DTR-T1000 "internet connectivity" functionality ?

    = what should happen ? (in terms of network traffic) when the DTR-T1000 makes internet accesses (related to pictogram display and iPlayer start-up) ?

    (I may be able to part answer this myself if functionality is still correct after re-instating my equipement to collect the pcap traces).

    If nothing has changed in the "Youview domain", & we know what is expected to happen (from DTR-T1000 perspective) I may be able to "discuss" with BT..

    thanks again &

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    The pictograms, or thumbnails as we call them, are sourced from YouView’s servers. They are not stored on the YouView boxes, so all your thumbnails will blink out when internet connection is lost.

    Often, this is the first sign anyone (who isn’t actually trying to use the internet for catchup) will see that their internet has gone down, whether totally or just from the YouView box.

    Conversely, their sudden reappearance may be the first sign that the internet connection has been restored, as has happened for you, and I would expect that if it lasts, you will find the players work again.

    With an old T1000 though, you should very much be careful of assuming that configuration changes you make are what is altering things; it could equally be that the hardware is going on and off the blink 😢
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    If your DTR-T1000 Youview box has been in use for a few years, its capacitors will be out of spec.
    The caps used in those boxes are notorious for drifting off their intended specification. Some early boxes failed after a few months use.
    Out of spec capacitors can cause unpredictable and intermittent problems. 
  • CharlieSCharlieS Member Posts: 5
    The DTR-T1000 was put into sleep/stand-by mode (orange circle) around 6pm ; and "woken up" around 9pm, at which point we were back to the "no internet" symptoms.

    @Roy; I am "very confident" that this is not caused by intermittent "real internet connectivity issues" at my end, since the gateway management page does not indicate any line drop ( & I know it does when there is a small interruption, due to an earlier intermittent fault that is fixed..) ; & none of the other devices here using the internet today indicate any connectivity issues.

    How does the DTR-T1000 know which YouView server to contact in order to retrieve the thumbnails ? You can see in the pcaps several DNS requests sent out by the DTR-T1000 for various YouView server addresses; and the responses; and at least 1 instance of one of them being contacted, and supplying in response what looks like programme summary information.... so why does the DTR-T1000 say eg "Guide Preview unavailable..." ?? (I will try a specific test with the traffic capture set-up where I know what time I am pressing the big blue Youview button, to correlate with what is seen in the pcap files..)

    @Jonesh; I have a lot of experience at the "customer problem solving end" of chip company support organizations (specifically, CPU chips..) & I am  aware of:

    - the importance of proper PSU rail decoupling/filtering; and how lack of it can result in random bizarre programme failures (because you cannot predict when the CPU is so busy that the bad decoupling results in out-of-spec supply rail(s)).

    - the relatively small difference in programme activity when finding and accessing different internet servers; and displaying images etc sourced from the DVB Tuner interface vs ethernet vs internal disk.

    Since the failure symptom is consistent, I think "bad capacitors" is an unlikely root cause.

    Information from YouView on "what to expect" would help identify "unexpected DTR-T1000 behaviour" ; if this is observed, then we can start asking ourselves "could this be due to bad capacitors"..

    thanks &

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    In “whether totally or just from the YouView box” the “totally” was for completeness, and not to suggest that your particular issue goes beyond the box in any way 😛

    Where are you getting “Guide Preview Unavailable”?

    A thing to know here, from published information, is that the forward EPG as sent over terrestrial transmitters is enhanced with metadata sent over the internet from YouView’s servers, when available to you. The box will show this information if it is received, but will fall back to the terrestrial-only information, without error or comment, if it isn’t.

    Perhaps this has been what you were seeing?

    But in general, if you can get anything at all over the internet, you can get everything, barring problems at YouView’s end that I would expect to have several people reporting issues here, not just yourself.

    You talk about consistent failure, but it seems like your box blinked back into internet connectivity for a while, and then lost it again? We then have to weigh up two competing hypotheses; 
    that BT’s internet or YouView’s servers suddenly stopped doing wrong whatever you suspect one or both might have been doing wrong, and then started doing it again a few hours later;
    that your T1000 isn’t consistently failing.

    The first is not impossible, sure; but which is more likely?

    Lastly, I’m a bit puzzled how to answer “How does the DTR-T1000 know which YouView server to contact in order to retrieve the thumbnails ?”

    The short answer might be “because it’s programmed to”, but I am aware that you might be looking for an answer of the form “it connects to server A which directs it to the thumbnail farm on servers B to G where load balancer server H tells it which of B to G it should use for this particular lookup”.

    In which case, I wouldn’t know, and YouView might not want to tell us 😢
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    CharlieS said:
    Since the failure symptom is consistent, I think "bad capacitors" is an unlikely root cause.

    Information from YouView on "what to expect" would help identify "unexpected DTR-T1000 behaviour" ; if this is observed, then we can start asking ourselves "could this be due to bad capacitors"..

    thanks &

    Whether bad capacitors is the cause of the problem or not, it isn't worth spending much time on a a faulty DTR-T1000 that still has its original 10 mainboard caps (not PSU). 

    If you are unable to do the job yourself, or you don't know somebody who is able to do it for you at modest cost, then it isn't worth spending time on a faulty T1000 at all.

    After it has been set up a Youview box doesn't need an internet connection to work as a PVR. The lack of thumbnails is of little consequence and devices with much more capability than a T1000 are available for streaming TV.

    You are able to play back recordings that you have made, so watch them while you can. The hard drive of a T1000 is not a secure storage space for archived recordings.

  • CharlieSCharlieS Member Posts: 5
    Hello Roy & Jonesh ;
                       I have run some more tests and captured detailed information using a router/gateway that directly supports packet capture; and USB tethering to a 'phone so that eg an EE network can be used in place of the BT internet.
    - The test over the EE network results in the same "no internet" complaint (for 1 trial run).
    - testing over the BT network, I have one packet trace showing what happens when the DTR-T1000 starts and the iPlayer + thumbnails functions are working correctly ; and several traces for the "do not work" case.
    - in all cases, the DTR-T1000 is first exchanging data with Youview servers using SSL (so I cannot see/interpret the content); eg and ; data is exchanged without any sign of error, so clearly the internet connectivity is working correctly.
    - for the "iPlayer + thumbnails ok" case, the difference compared to the error case is that the DTR-T1000 then additionally contacts , & servers .
    - Note that in the fail case, there is no attempt to contact these additional servers; ie no DNS query
    Can the Youview staffers comment on the content of the error report messages sent to them by my DTR-T1000; & what information is sent back to my DTR-T1000 by the server ?   I can provide exact times that these transactions occurred and the DTR-T1000 serial # to enable precise identification..
    This information will help determine whether faulty capacitors are the cause, or something else, for example at the Youview server end of the connection.

    If the DTR-T1000 is "hard coded" to contact the images-live etc servers, this will happen on every boot/start-up sequence; if there are some faulty components on the board, "hard failures" result in permanent mal-function ; intermittent failure will result in intermittent mal-function, but very rarely exactly the same mal-function on every trial (where that mal-function is a failure to correctly execute a hard coded programme).

    The most likely "failure scenario" here is that for some reason, the Youview servers are not sending the same information to my DTR-T1000 every time.

    Roy asks exactly the right question, "why is this not reported by more people" : but for the lack of reports from others today to be "significant", we need to know how many DTR-T1000's are still live on the network: Youview staffers should be able to comment on this, since the packet traces indicate that the device contacts Youview servers (giving it's identity information) on every boot/start-up sequence.

    thanks &

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    @CharlieS (and FYI @jonesh)

    If I were to reverse one of your sentences above, thus :-

    “The most likely "failure scenario" here is that for some reason, my DTR-T1000 is not sending the same information to the Youview servers every time”

    would this be an untenable hypothesis?
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