Audio crackle on Netflix & Now tv

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I keep getting a loud audio crack at the start of every  program in Netflix or Now Tv.  On Now TV also get it at the start of every advert too.  I don't have any issues with normal tv programs.  My youview box details are: Humax DTRT2100, variant: 84B08500 and I have an LG tv: webOS TV LM6300PLA. Please can anybody help.


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    Greetings, and welcome back to the Community!

    Can we assume that the sound is that from the TV, and not via a soundbar or other home cinema setup?

    If you are using any such, please disconnect temporarily for the purposes of testing, and see if the crackles continue or not.

    If they do, then as you can likely get Netflix and Now directly on this TV as well as via YouView, can you please try these two apps there and see if you still get the crackle, or if you only get it with the YouView box?

    If the latter, try a Maintenance Mode Option 2 reset on the box:-

    This will refresh the running software on the box, while still preserving all your recordings.

    Please let us know the results of the above.
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    Yes, from the TV.  Have done the maintenance reset. It has made no difference. Still have the crackle on both Now TV and Netflix when using the box. If I use netflix without the box, I have no crackle.
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