Box Freezes and have to switch channel?

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If I press pause or rewind whilst watching TV the screen goes blank and I have to switch channels?   I’ve tried resetting the box, updating software and nothing works.  I’m reluctant to do a factory reset because I’ll lose my recordings.  Would a factory reset be the only option and has anyone else experienced same problem? 


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    Hello @jdpking,
    Which model of Youview box is playing up?
    Maintenance Mode software resets that don't delete you recordings are possible. Maintenance Modes 2 and 4 keep your recordings.
    The procedure varies from model to model, so have a look at this page and follow the procedure that applies to your box.
    Maintenance Mode 2 is the usual one to try first, but only do it if your box is connected to the internet and you are confident that the connection is working properly. Before you start check, for instance, that iPlayer works.
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