BT Software Update 32.141.0 / 3.8.50

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Hi All,

Please feel free to discuss BT Humax Software Update 32.141.0 / 3.8.50

This is a software release that contains a new Privacy Setting for BT Humax Devices.



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    If, like me, you would prefer some or all of these ‘Featured Topic’ announcements to follow the same chronological order of last posting that normal threads and postings do, know that there is an arrowhead shape on the righthand side of the entry for each announcement thread that, if clicked, offers you the chance to ‘Dismiss’ it. 

    Though what it actually dismisses is the preferential position at the top of the threads, and the thread survives intact, but moves, when you refresh the Home display, down to its chronological position.

    Those who want this, but have been put off either by not knowing you can click the arrowhead shape, or by wondering what horrors ‘Dismiss’ might unleash on us having clicked it, can now rest easy and action this.
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