BT TV Box Mini Software Update - 4.0.246 / 0.3.52

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Hi All,

Please feel free to discuss the BT TV Box Mini Software Update - 4.0.246 / 0.3.52 in this thread.

This is a maintenance software release for BT TV Box Mini devices which contains no new features.



  • AaronAGAaronAG Member Posts: 1
    Just been given BT Youview Mini, for testing and upgraded to 0.3.52.
    Not release related but how can I tell the year of manufacture of the box ? Is there a link to look it up ?

    Model - DIW3930

    Software Component - 4.0.246 (eaccfe)

    Software Manufacturer- 0.3.52

    Software Platform - 5392 (d2701242)

    Variant - DIW3930.001.P

    Serial Number - +109326 2152000182

    Year - ????


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    Given by YouView?

    If so, you probably signed an NDA, and shouldn’t be asking about it on a public forum.

    And certainly not quoting the serial number, which is a unique identifier of your box.

    But I’ve never seen a date on a YouView box, nor cared about one. 

    Though maybe you are writing a review? In which case, as this box was only announced earlier this year, I would deduce a year of 2022.
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