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Please use this thread to discuss the software update for BT TV Box Pro devices which adds Visual Guide On Demand

What's On Demand

When watching Live TV, the Visual Guide will open when you press up, down, left, right on your remote.
Once opened, if you press the right button > again on your remote you will be able to see what’s “On Next” and what’s “On Demand.”


  • zulu17zulu17 Member, Super User Posts: 1,168 ✭✭✭
    Interesting choice of priorities.

    Currently  there  are two updates in progress for this box.
    Will these be delivered separately or simultaneously ?

     Can the on demand be added to Watchlist ?

    With the current Visual guide I can get  Now and next tiles and still view the current channel. With this upgrade do I lose the current channel view as it seems the On Demand tiles will flood the screen.

    HAve any of the  issues and faults with the original Now & Next been addressed ?
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    Hi @zulu17 ,
    Thanks for raising your feedback on the Visual Guide, apologies for the late acknowledgement but these have all been passed on to our Product team.

    Some answers below:
    • The current in-progress updates will be delivered separately.
    • Re: Whether On Demand can be added to Watchlist, Yes this can be done.
    • Re: Layout, when looking at On Now content you will still see live TV in the background, however as you say when moving to On Next this will also open the On Demand section which will expand the UI on top of live TV.
    On some of your previously raised points:

    • We're not aware of any issues with hidden channels showing, are you still seeing this?
    • Re: On Next not showing for long duration programmes, this is currently being improved and we'll call it out in our release notes once addressed.
    • Re: Navigating up/down changing the selected column context, this has been raised with our UX team.
    • Re: Seeing different programme information from different areas of the UI, please could you share any more recent examples that we can look into?
    • Re: Logos & channel names not presenting clearly, this has also been raised with the relevant team.
    Hope that all helps.

  • nimicitornimicitor Member Posts: 3
    Shaun F said:
    • We're not aware of any issues with hidden channels showing, are you still seeing this?
    I came here to say exactly this too. On the latest firmware on the BT Pro box, hidden channels are still appearing when scrolling through channels. This didn't used to happen on the older BT boxes.
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    Thank you @Shaun F for the responses.
    As I have not yet received the latest updates it is probably best to await its delivery before I comment specifically on latest examples as potentially the latest versions may handle things .

    Certainly on my current box software 
    if I  hide say BBC Parliament channel.
    If I watch BBC News  on 231 and use remote Program up button it displays 233 BBC Parliament ie the hidden channel
     If while watching 233 I use any of the buttons up/down/left/right I get a shadow where the On Now would typically appear on a non hidden channel. eventually it would time out and return to normal viewing.
    The general issue of hidden channels  is obviously wider than Now/Next.
    For example the hidden channel can be accessed by Programme up/down as described by direct input intentionally or in error of the channel number.  Also if using search  the results return On Now and Later  data for hidden channels allowing the channel to be elected.
  • Shaun FShaun F Administrator Posts: 23 admin
    Hi @zulu17

    Thank you for the feedback.
    I will pass this information on to the relevant team.


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    couple of couple of  recent examples from this evening where on now and Next  where the on now programme is not actually on but the on next programming is actually showing as just started

    In these examples simply viewing on now would give wrong information of the current programme.
    in both example the on next programming started earlier than the EPG times , in one case by a relatively short time in the other case possibly 55 minutes earlier..
    there is also the scenario I have seen where a programme overruns its EPG time and is the current programme airing but is not shown on on Now and next.
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