BT Youview DTR4000 set top box issue

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Recently my BT Youview DTR4000 has start behaving oddly. It is configured to be in max power saving mode. All is fine for a few days but then I'll come to turn it on and notice either the entire front panel is solidly lit either red or it can be blue and the box won't respond to either the remote control nor the buttons on the top panel. I have no option but to disconnect it from the mains and leave it a while before turning it on again.

I been into the maintenance mode screen and performed a Factory Reset (Keep Recordings) and having done this, all is well...until the next time it goes wrong. I'm wonder what the first option Software Reset (Recommended) would do instead? If I chose this option, would it delete all my recordings? If so, I definitely don't want to go down that route.

Could this be a hard drive problem? There are no unusual noises coming from the box and when behaving itself, it does record and playback without any problems. It's also fully up to date with software releases.

Any suggestions please before I go out and buy a replacement? 


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    How long have you been using the box? Could be hardware problems, but could be a simple problem with remote control. Have you checked batteries. If you have a battery checker, maybe worth checking battery condition. 
    If the hard drive is getting older, it could cause problems. How full is your hard drive? 

    With regards software reset, it will still KEEP recordings, it only resets software. Trust I have given you some help. I'm sure others in forum will be able to assist further if you need more help. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Thanks John. The box is about 5 years old so doesn't owe me anything. I don't think its related to the remote control because when it misbehaves, the box doesn't respond to the top panel buttons either. Also, it only seems to go wrong whilst in standby mode.

    Thanks for the info about the software reset not deleting recordings. TBH, I have assumed that the Factory Reset (which I've already tried) would have done the same thing as a software reset plus more besides. But I'll give it a go and see if it stabilises things.  
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    Option 1 is a very near equivalent of the 8-seconds soft reset. I think @Stephen could tell you a couple of minor differences, but for most intents and purposes they are the same thing.

    Option 2 replaces the running software on the box from the downloaded software copy on the box, while keeping your recordings. This will be effective if the running software has been corrupted in some way.

    Option 3 is Option 2, plus wiping your recordings. This is the most drastic reset you can do if your box can’t get out on the internet, since if you do a reset that requires the internet and the box still can’t connect, it’s pretty much game over (though @Stephen may now have a few tricks up his sleeve).

    Option 4 is Option 2, but downloads a new software copy from YouView’s servers. Useful if your current downloaded copy is corrupted or out of date, so a thing to try if you have done an Option 2, and you can connect to the internet, but the box still isn’t quite right.

    Option 5 is the same as the Factory Reset under Settings, but you may need it if you have a situation where you can’t get to that. It is a complete reset that rebuilds the disc structure of the YouView box, and the only thing that will resolve any disc corruption you have (generally indicated by difficulty recording, lost or corrupted recordings, apparent reduction of the space available for recordings, and so on).
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