DTRT2000 Maintenance Mode Reoccurring

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My DTRT2000 goes into Maintenance mode at least twice a week every week, meaning that I have to choose from updating the software or a factory reset to get it working again.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it please.

I contacted Humax and they told me it sounds like a software issue and I should contact Youview.

There doesn't appear to be any relevant help on Youview website for this other than asking the community.


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    edited 27 October 2022, 10:33AM

    Is this the ‘click of death’ T2000 or the previously silent one?

    YouView boxes which detect an anomalous result during normal operation can put themselves into Maintenance Mode in an effort to resolve this.

    Doing this frequently, and without success, especially where full Factory resets have been made, points more towards a hardware failure, and I’m surprised Humax didn’t pick up on this.

    No idea if it’s worth having repaired though, or who could do it, except maybe go back to Humax and report the above 😢

    Maybe take the hard drive out, and have that checked, by any computer repair shop, put straight if possible, or replaced?
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