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Hi, After many years of wonderful viewing on my BT DTR-2100 Youview TV HD Recorder it seems to have got stuck in some sort of loop when booting up? It says "Waking Up" on the screen for a few seconds and then settings etc come up and then back to "Waking Up" again. I've tried Maintenance Mode but  all the 4 options failed unfortunately. I do have some recordings which I would like to keep so it would be a real shame if this box has now died and I can't retrieve those recordings? Any help would be most appreciated! Cheers. 


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    I fear it may have had it, but something to try, especially if you have it in poor air circulation at the moment, is to unplug it and leave it to completely cool down, overnight or longer, and then try it again.

    In extremis, you can copy SD recordings off the hard drive, in a caddy connected to a computer,  but not the HD ones.
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    Thanks Roy for your reply. Should the harddrive housed in a caddy be recognised by a Windows 10 or 11 computer? If they don't recognize this drive in "This PC" then has the harddrive died? 
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    I think you may need to boot off a Linux distro to read the disk.

    But I’ve never done this. 

    Anyone here who has?
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    I haven't done it, but there was a discussion about copying recordings from a Youview box HDD last year:
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    I've done it and this was how:-

    Only SD recordings can be copied off.
    It's quite a while since I did this so you might have to adapt what I'm writing to suit the reality of now.
    .I used a Windows PC but booted it using a standalone Ubuntu linux system.
    .Remove the HDD from the YV box &  connect to the PC  using one of the sata & power connections or use usb HDD external caddy (this is best).
    .You're looking for the biggest partition & will find the programme files in there.
    .You need the large .ts files and copy them to a spare device. You'll need to rename them in Ubuntu as the file names are incompatible to Windows and whilst it can see them it can't do much with them.
    .Once you copied & renamed them boot back into Windows and I suggest they'll need to be converted to a format your player - whatever that might be - can play.
    .I used Vidcoder to do the conversion creating a profile that roughly matches the file size of the existing file. You'll not need to convert the audio so that part of the profile can be set to pass thru'.
    From then it just a matter of playing them.

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