Will ex BT TV box still get App updates without a BT TV subscription?

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I have an ex BT TV Youview box - Humax DTR-T2100

If I go to Settings > Software Information I see:

Last checked for update 15 Nov 2022

Last checked for apps 15 Nov 2022

Component software 3.8.50(535d02)

Manufacturer software 32.141.0

Platform configuration 4856 (0AB0C301)

ISP configuration 2301308

If I click on Update Software it tells me I running the latest version of software.

If I click on Update Apps I get We can’t update your Apps, Please try again later (I have already done so several times over several days) or visit bt.com/tverrorsfor help. When I do so it asks for an error code, which I don’t get.

I think that because I cancelled my BT TV subscription some time ago I’m no longer getting App updates, which Amazon Prime Video say is the cause of the problem – APV plays fine on my Android phone and my Ubuntu PC.

Or have I misunderstood how this works?


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    Hi @MitcheCA,
    Welcome (again) to the Youview forum. You asked the same question to ME on Humax forum! Same answer:
    Unlock BT TV - Humax 91-00438 « My Humax Forum

    You have the latest update, but if apps playing up/box slowing down, trying doing as I suggested? Worth a try.

    Best thing to do is read the Maintenance mode instructions if you want to reset box, but PLEASE make sure broadband is working ok/connected to box. If you need any further advice, I'm sure someone will be able to help you.  I don't use Prime so can't help you with this. I'm sure another user will answer query. We are all volunteers on the forums & try to help where we can. Good luck.
    John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Your T2100 will continue to receive updates as these become available, even if you leave BT Broadband altogether, and go to another ISP.

    The only things you lose by leaving BT TV are the ability to watch the BT TV channels, and the ability to watch any recordings you may have made of BT TV shows.

    (You also lose the box if you got it after (I think) December 13th 2019, when BT changed the rules on ownership so boxes supplied on or after that date were only lent, not given, but that’s a different issue).

    My T2100 has precisely the same values for all of your settings that you describe above, i.e. fully up to date.

    The only difference I have is that when checking the apps, I get told ‘You’ve got all the latest apps’, instead of what you see, which is, I think, a message YouView used to put out erroneously. 

    Though maybe it’s real in your case?  What goes wrong with APV? Do you know what version you are on, and where I can find that information for my copy of the app? Settings/Contact us has a DID and a DTID, but these don’t look like version numbers.
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