Sony X85j - Choppy framerate when using catch-up apps

Entity2DEntity2D Member Posts: 2
I'm getting choppy, inconsistent framerates when using the YouView catch-up apps on my Bravia X85j. BBC iPlayer doesn't seem to be affected, but the other apps all seem to have framerate issues. The adverts have no framerate issues, but the content is choppy.

I can work around this by using Android apps on my phone, and casting them to the TV, but it would be nice if the YouView catch-up apps were fixed :)


  • Entity2DEntity2D Member Posts: 2
    So, I think the culprit is how the affected apps within YouView deal with screen compositing. If I disable HW overlays in the developer settings on the TV, then playing content on the affected apps will show a black screen, except for adverts. The affected apps I've tested are: ITV Hub (ITVX???), All4, My5, and UKTV Play. I haven't tested Britbox or STV player, so I don't know if they're affected by choppy content.
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