Humax DTR-T2000 error "you'll have to cancel some recordings"

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I'm trying to record some programs and get the following error message:

"Too many recordings: To record #####, you'll have to cancel some recordings. Got to MyTV"

I've only had 8 scheduled recordings so was quite surprised that I needed to cancel some.

I cancelled a scheduled recording but I still get the same error message.

I then cancelled almost all items on the watch list but I still get the same error message.

I then deleted a lot of old recordings but I still get the same error message.

Anything else I can try?

I like to set up recordings for the week. It's not very user friendly if I have to set up recordings every other day....



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    edited 9 December 2022, 8:09AM
    You can set as many recordings as you like, but you can only have two overlapping at any one time, on any recording YouView box before the BT Pro one.

    Were you trying to record three things at once?

    Or, even, were you trying to record two things at once, and watch a third programme at the same time? If that involved three channels (in the 21-60 tuning sense), then you can’t do that either, though I would expect the box to switch you to one or other of the two channels being recorded from.
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