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I note that in the new ITV X app on BT TV Box Pro there is in Settings  > Live TV . I know you said the app doesn’t have Live Tv but I got curious when I saw LIVETV  listed within settings.
selecting this  there is a 2 part scrollable
 Can we collect information about your viewing ?
and a 
Data Collection box  with an OFF ON .

1. I don’t seem to be able to select the Data Collection to change the OFF/ON .. it looks like it is set to ON but it is not very clear. Should it be setable within the app on the box .
2,  I am unclear about what information is being collected , ie just ITV X app viewing or if a wider amount of data from other  apps and live channels that are viewed in the Youview box. (Ie non ITV viewing)
More minor stuff
3 there are references to the ITV Hub within the app , presumably these should be updated.
4 I found that on one occasion when leaving this page on screen for a few minutes (kitchen visit) on returning the app screen was stuck and no navigation with the remote within the app was possible. Selecting  the remote home button and viewing a normal channel did close the ITV X app  and I have not yet had a repetition of that problem.


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    @zulu17 good points.
    I also can't figure out how to turn off "Data Collection".
    It's also rather strange that the YouView app thinks that giving you this option is important but only if you stumble across it in the Live TV section of the settings 😕
  • RohitRohit Administrator Posts: 52 admin
    Thanks both - we've raised this point with ITV as the toggle is not working as expected/as it did in ITV Hub.
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