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Just had a BT box yesterday - we are going internet only and understand the recording 2 channels only.  But, can anyone tell me why this says scheduling problem (warning triangle on Ant & Dec)? Love Island (the wife not me 😂), is on Saturday at 9pm on ITV2 which it does not show (only the next recording on Monday). So that would be Love Island and the problem Ant and Dec thing so should be ok?

I have scanned down the whole guide and nothing else is hiding away.







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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    I guess you have the Pro box, from BT?

    Shame we don’t still have the YouView app. Unlike the Schedule on the box - which as you say shows only the next Love Island and not any subsequent editions, presenting Series as if you had only set for the one next episode - the YouView app used to show you everything scheduled.

    But you could look at the BT TV app we now have to use (My TV/Recordings List/Scheduled) and see if its slightly different presentation, which does at least clearly indicate Series, while showing only the next episode (at least, for what I have set to record that is), sheds any more light on this.

    If you don’t yet have the app, look it up on the App Store of a phone or tablet you have, and pair it with your new box.
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    Thanks for the reply - before I read this I cancelled the recordings and set them again and it now seems happy :smiley:

    I will have a look at the app though if it happens again.


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