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Yet again-last night (27 January 2023) recorded 2 programmes on Channel 5 (which had subtitles)-but when I played recorded programmes subtitles were not showing.  When you are a deaf person this is so frustrating.  And to add insult to injury cannot get subtitles on ITV Hub.  Have raised issue with ITV Com, Youview and Talktalk.. Got a response from ITV saying that ITVX will have subtitles EVENTUALLY on Youview platform.  What is wrong with Youview.  Should I switch my Broadband and everything else to another provider!!  Surely I am not the only person experiencing this problem.  I would ask normal hearing people to turn their television sound right down and then try to follow a programme.  Perhaps then they will understand my frustration.


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    As has been explained in your other threads this is not YouView causing these issues. It is down to the App provider or broadcaster.

    If C5 don't broadcast subtitles moving provider or buying another brand of recorder will make no difference whatsoever. The boxes can only show or record what is broadcast. This will be consistent across all devices receiving a Freeview signal.

    The only difference a different type of box or Smart TV, Freeview Play for example, may give is with the Apps, but again there is no guarantee. All YouView boxes Apps will be consistent in the functions provided by the App owner.

    Starting multiple threads on the same topic will not change the situation either. The answer will be the same.

    If you wish to provide updates, then it is best practice to stick to one thread per topic.

    Thank you.
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    I strongly endorse what @Stevef_fr8ys says above, not least because you sticking to one thread means all the information about your problem is in one place, and we don’t have to keep jumping about to find what you have already described.

    Above, you have reported that you recorded two unspecified C5 programmes which had subtitles (what were they, and how did you know they had subtitles?) and the recordings did not carry the subtitles.

    In these circumstances, where no-one else has reported this, we cannot discount that the problem lies with your particular box and not with C5, nor YouView boxes in general. (It could still be C5 at fault, or a generic rather than particular YouView box issue, of course, but we should start at your end).

    So I would recommend a Maintenance Mode Option 2 on your box, to see if this fixes things.
    Option 2 does keep your recordings, so try your C5 recordings again afterwards, and see if subtitles now play. The odds on this, though, while not zero, are rather small. The better chance is that this may clear the problem for future C5 recordings. Or indeed, any recordings.

    As regards changing your box, or your ISP or whatever, I’m with @Stevef_fr8ys here as well.

    What I would recommend, though, is that you buy a Roku Express and add it to your armoury. £30-£60 depending if you want UHD or not, and so on. 

    The apps on that will be more complete, quicker, and updated in a more timely fashion, than on YouView, though you will not have anything like YouView’s integrated search.

    As regards your two C5 recordings, you could hopefully get these on catchup on the Roku, and get them this way.

    Though as we are talking about C5, rather than itv here, if they were broadcast with subtitles, and are available on My5 at all, then they should have subtitles if you watch them there on the YouView box.

    On a related issue, if you have or want a Now subscription, this is of course completely closed off to you on YouView, as the Now app there inexplicably does not have them; but you would be fine on the Roku device.

    Other app sources are available, notably Amazon Firesticks, which are comparable in price to the Rokus. But the Firestick screen is as cluttered as the current YouView screens, and my personal preference is for the very clean Roku UI.
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    ITV Huib which has been around fo years on Youview devices.
    They ITV  say ITV currently provides subtitles on the ITV Hub on platforms that are under our direct control.

    I can understand the frustrations of users who rely upon subtitles at the inability for mainstream apps to provide subtitles  on Youview.      

    At least the ITV X  app which currently has a much reduced implementation on the BT TV Pro/Mini has subtitles on  its on demand content. Those subtitles are quite clear but their size is not scaleable as those on the Amazon Prime Video App and may be smaller that some would like.

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