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I hope someone can help please. For the last 2 weeks ive struggled to get a picture on most channels. Pixellation to the point you cant watch or listen to the channel. Sometimes worse at certain times of day than others but it increasingly deteriorated yet strangely i sometimes receive a few channels clearly. Last night while i was able to receive one of the channels ok i had a look to see the strength and quality of the channel and the strength 100% but the quality varied and moved up and down dramatically 
Ive removed the youview box and just ran the roof aerial to the tv directly and it is still appearing very blocky so im thinking this is an interference issue rather than anything to do with the box.
We did have issues a few months ago that caused some pixellation and i was sent a filter from restoretv due to possible 5G disruption but now things are worse than ever. 
Any thoughts? Any help much appreciated


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    It's possible that the signal from your aerial is too strong.
    If your aerial signal amplifier is variable, try turning it down.
    Is it a masthead amp? If not, try replacing it with a passive splitter with F-type connectors. You might not need the amplifier.
    Otherwise, try an attenuator. Attenuating an amplified signal isn't ideal, but it might do the trick. Variable attenuators aren't expensive.
    Contact an aerial fitter. They have meters for measuring signal strength and quality. They should be able to quickly diagnose and find the cause of the problem.
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    Definitely looks like the signal strength is way too high and totally overloading the tuners.
    For the Humax/BT Youview boxes a strength figure in the region of 85% is where you need to be.
    As pointed by @jonesh a splitter may help if you can't turn down the amplification on the 6-way amplifier otherwise a variable attenuator is the solution for £3 - £5.
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    I think the confusing thing is that when i bypass the youview box and simply plug the aerial lead into the tv i still have the same issues. This evening i only have Thats TV and Great TV channels coming through clearly with or without the box. i cant understand how these channels are fine but the rest are terrible
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    I've just compared the signal (of the channel that I'd working) with and without the filters. The strength fluctuated dramatically between 0 and 100 while the filter was removed and the signal quality plummeted to zero. Once the filter was back both the signal strength and quality are remaining at 100 
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    TV channels are transmitted in groups known as muxes. Each mux has its own frequency. 5G interference affects some frequencies but not others
    Leave the filter in place and reduce the strength of your aerial signal.
    If your signal amplifier can't be turned down, try switching off its power. It might work satisfactorily without. Your signal strength will reduce, but that doesn't matter if your signal quality is 100%.
    100% signal strength isn't a value to aim for. It is to be avoided. Signal quality, however, should be 100%.
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    I suspect YouView boxes don’t show anything above 100% Signal Strength, so it might be 1000% for all you know, overwhelming the tuner with the electronic equivalent of SHOUTING EVERYTHING EXTREMELY LOUDLY, and thus putting your Signal Quality in the toilet.

    SS and SQ are measured on whatever channel you are currently watching, so it is worth getting these measurements for the two channels you find are OK, and reporting them here.
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    I turned off the signal amplifier as not adjustable and it leaves with zero percent. The two channels coming through nicely have 97-99 percent signal strength and 100 percent signal quality 
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    Just checked the muxes list and I have several channels coming through clearly on the mux local
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    YVtyke said:
    Just checked the muxes list and I have several channels coming through clearly on the mux local
    That's significant. The local muxes are transmitted at lower power than the others.
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    I've been working away for the week and came back to the same issue. The aerial is in use for 3 flats. I managed to check with my neighbours. One is on a sky dish but the other has said they've had an issue re pixellation coming through to their TV too so I'm guessing this is an aerial or an interference issue 
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    Are all the receivers connected to your six-way distribution amplifier similarly affected?
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